I recently purchased Pelikan’s Ink of the Year for 2020 — Moonstone. I got the pen/ink bundle, which includes a full size bottle of ink. I bought a fine nib, and it is very fine.

The ink is a lovely dark grey with the right nib — for this swatch I used a glass dip pen and a Parker Premier with a fine nib. It’s hard to see in the image, but there’s a slight pink/purple undertone.

I did ink the Pelikan pen with the Moonstone ink at first, but the nib is too fine for this ink – it was so light, I could barely read it. The ink is pretty dry, so I put it in the Parker, which has a broader nib.

I love the Pelikan – it’s incredibly smooth and comfortable to write with. I inked it with Robert Oster Graphite. Although I do like this pen, I was a little disturbed when I first unpacked it because it’s really lightweight and feels a bit cheap compared to the three other pens I own that are in the same price range. All the same, it’s growing on me as I write with it more and more.

Verdict: I wouldn’t purchase the Moonstone ink again – it’s too light in color for my taste – but the pen is a winner.

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